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This is some frequently asked questions which is came to me again and again. So go through on it or you have any question please fell free to ask by our Contact information.

At which age hair transplant can be done

Hair transplant can be done at any age starting from 23 to 80, but the ideal age is between 30 to 40 years. At very early age we usually avoid surgery because there are chances that androgenic alopecia may progress, so after few years patient require another sitting.

What is the life of transplanted hair

Transplanted hair remain lifelong, as it has been taken from permanent zone- occipital region.

After transplant density of my hair will be same like my previous pictures

Density of hair depends on skill and experience of hair transplant surgeon. For very dense hair you require one or two sittings of hair transplant surgery.

Among FUT and FUE which method is better and preferable

FUE is preferable method because of so many advantages over FUT.

What is the cost of hair transplant

First see “know your grade” selection & compare your current position. By  that you can get rough idea of number of grafts  you require. Then select what method you prefer. We have 3 methods having different cost per graft. By this you will get rough idea of total expense of your surgery.